Site-specific installation, video. 2015 (the first demonstration; it was combined with the performance once)

In our binary perception, we are used to balance between oppositions and attribute phenomenon strictly to one of two poles: good or bad, negative or positive. However, not all situations can be clearly characterised in such a model of thinking. Our opinion is only an assessment, it is not immanent to what we are trying to determine.

Sometimes we continue to divide the phenomena into black and white not realising the subjectivity of our own judgments, ignoring their multifaceted nature. As a result, our beliefs are crumbling and we suddenly realise the ambiguity of something that got a clear assessment from us before.

Artwork of Victoria Marchenkova "Red Light Room" is associated with this feeling that accompanies the process of dissuasion and awareness of the different nature of phenomena.

The installation of the artist is constructed around the categories of holiness and sin. Marchenkova introduces objects marked by this holliness/sin categories into the living space, thus clashing with each other the conventional concepts of sacredness and perversity. The work encourages the viewer to abandon prejudices and strict assessments, stop seeing properties prescribed by someone else in objects, and, most importantly, face a feeling of abandoning old beliefs and forming new ideas.

Text by Zina Rykova

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