Victoria Marchenkova


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Local TV of Kaluga about ART Hotel Project

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(RUS) Reportage of Russian Television about Kod Epochi

May A Lucky Star Shine Upon You, Gum. Red-Line gallery, Moscow, 2019

Boa Constrictor Eating An Elephant, 25 Kadr Gallery, Moscow, 2018. P. 32

TAKE-OFF: Foresight: Look into the Future. Contemporary Artists' Exhibition, Moscow, 2017. P. 18, 29

I am NOT Tino Seghal. A concept by Francesco Bonami. Nahmad Projects, 2016. P. 121

Vladey Auction. Winter 2014, Summer 2015. Vladey, Moscow, 2014, Vladey, Moscow, 2015

Catalogue of the 9th Kaunas Biennial UNITEXT. Kaunas, 2013. P. 132

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