Installation, painting, sculpture. 2015

Russian intelligentzia and Moscow community as it's flagship always were close to moral rigorism or sometimes even immoral. Post-soviet appeal to God or sharply antireligious movement in Putin epoch looked like massive rotatory waves. The welter destroyed all on its path, but there was nothing constructed on its place, because new waves went in the opposite direction. The general impression is that only extremes in points of view on life, politics, religion, society and art are possible.

The same style of the movement in art community made barriers for creating of something stabile and prolonged. Just passions, emotions and quarells. Funny that this context was connected with decisions like 'we are out of political or aesthetical quarrels' or 'we want unity'. And these slogans didn't worked. Nobody was confused about laziness and weariness of enjoy which didn't leave a chance to follow trends and art battles. All participants were stopped by doubts and didn't make a habit of a long-term work, nobody could take his position for a long time. And at the same time nobody manifested laxity successfully.

But may be this conjunction of apathy, enjoy and heartiness can have a place? May be we can see our being like something other, to adress to modesty, but not too principal? We behaved like decadents and searched for reliable religion or something close to it with those self-discipline or humility we could. And we didn't get permanent position not in eternal pleasure nor in strict relations with a surroundings. Better to say about it like about sofisticated confrontation of opposite powers. Let's try to use it.

Text by Sergey Guskov

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