"I am interested in touching gold by the eye. Luxury is the ultimate shelter for neurotics. Gold glance calms down very effectively... Almost as well as glittery gold leafs of ancient icons. Shine blinds and makes things go smoothly"
Digital print on paper, oil, varnish. 2019-continuing

This project exists in context of ecology, aims and future of classical car racing as a very consumptive sport, questions of beauty and waste, element of nostalgia. Will luxury be possible in the future? Formula 1, this world of luxury and high speed is the legacy of the twentieth century. What is the prospect of circuits in our time of conspicuous consumption - becoming a place of future electric competitions or existing as glamorous ruins of the last century with its love for industry and development?

People created thousands of camps for sport and recreation during their history. For now, there are many of these places almost abandoned during low season. Perhaps, the reason for these constructions can be just beauty, not competitions, not everything in this world obliged to have a purpose. Like bright things, like gold and precious metals... We can let them exile as memories of our civilisation.

Technically, it is hybridisation of printed 3d renders and traditional oil painting on pre-primed photo paper. It's not so easy to find borders sometimes. Borders, paths taken, run-off-roads and turns - all together they created both form and content of these artworks.
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